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Three Red Pill Questions:
If you were circumcised, ask yourself: "How would sex feel if I had my foreskin?"
If you are an intact man, ask yourself:
"How would I feel if tomorrow a doctor strapped me down and cut off my foreskin without my consent?"

If you are a woman, ask yourself: "How would I feel if something like this had been done to me when I was a baby?"


~What is a Foreskin?~

Video: Explanation of Foreskin

Video: Functions of a Prepuce

Video: The Penis - Sex Education 101



~Is Sex Better with a Foreskin?~

For Man & Mate, Which Sex is Better -- Cut or Intact?

How Male Circumcision May Be Affecting Your Love Life by Dr. Christiane Northrup

Sex as Nature Intended It (Created by a woman to show the benefits to the man's partner of a foreskin)


~Circumcision: Critiques of Routine Infant Foreskin Removal~

The Whole Baby Revolution

Video: The Foreskin: 15 Square Inches of Erogenous Tissue

Video: Just say NO! Part 1

Video: Just say NO! Part 2

Book: Circumcision Exposed by Billy Ray Boyd

We Need to Stop Circumcision by Dr. Christiane Northrup

A Short History of Male Genital Mutilation in the U.S.

4ERIC: End Routine Infant Circumcision

Sexually Mutilated Child

Video: Rebuttal to Mainstream Media Lies about Circumcision (watch more videos from freedom0speech)

Video: U.S. Administration Violates Human Rights

Video: Dr. Dean Edell Debates Circumcision

Men's Feelings - "Too Violent to Describe"

10 Reasons Not to Circumcise

No Harmm

Doctors Opposing Circumcision / Physicians for Genital Integrity

Mothers Against Circ Forum: The Case Against Circumcision

Why Empowered Women Choose Not To Circumcise

The David Reimer Story

Foreskin Man Comic Book

Born Intact (Born to Run parody)


~What is Foreskin Restoration?~

Video: Non-Surgical Foreskin Restoration News Report

The National Organization of Restoring Men

Why Restore?

Book: The Joy of Uncircumcising


~Tracking Your Progress in Restoring~

The Coverage Index: How Much Foreskin Do You Have?

The "Real" Coverage Index (updated version of the standard index)

Example: 24 Months of Foreskin Restoration...From Circumcised to Restored


~Support Networks and Discussion Forums for Men Who Restore...and Their Partners~ Forum


~How to Restore, Methods, and Devices~

Beginner's Guide to Foreskin Restoration

Methods and Devices


~Intactivism, Campaigns to Ban Circumcision, and Legal Resources for Those Who Have Been Mutilated~

Intact America

MGM Bill - A Bill to End Routine Male Genital Mutilation in the U.S.

San Francisco MGM Bill - A Ballot Measure to Ban Routine Male Genital Mutilation (additional info here)

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child




~Foreskin Regeneration through Regenerative Medicine~

Foregen (Note: If this untested theory proves successful, it's many years away from being widely available, at best. Men who wish to restore should not wait. Start restoring now...and support Foregen's work!)


~Comparisons: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Male Genital Mutilation (MGM)~

Video: Difference Between Male and Female Circumcision

Videos: Female Circumcision in the U.S. and Part 2 and Female Circumcision in New York

Circumstitions: FGM vs MGM

Battlestar Genitalica: A Feminist Critics Discussion


~Jewish Perspectives~

Jews Against Circumcision

Jewish Circumcision Resource Center

Brit Shalom: A Jewish Alternative to the Brit Milah Circumcision Ritual

Beyond the Bris


~Who Profit$?~

Foreskin Face Cream and Other Beauty Products of the Future

Your Baby's Foreskin Makes You Pretty


~More Links and Resources~

TLC Tugger's Resources Page Links


~More Videos~

Circumcision Decision